Vegetable Stew with Herbs Dumplings Recipe

jaspreet   July 3, 2009   Comments Off on Vegetable Stew with Herbs Dumplings Recipe

1. Bisquick Heart smart mix (1c)
2. great northern beans, rinsed and drained (1can about 15 to 16 ounces)
3. frozen sweet peas, carrots and potatoes thawed (1bag about 16 ounces)
4. ground mustard (1tsp)
5. Progresso chicken broth or vegetable broth (4cups from 1carton about 32 ounces)
6. rosamarina pasta (1/2c)
7. vegetable oil (1tbsp)
8. chopped onion (1med. About 1/2c)
9. fat free or skim milk (2/3c)
10. dried basil leaves (1/4tsp)
11. dried oregano leaves (1/4tsp)
12. cornmeal (2/3c).

Method of preparation:-
1. Take Dutch oven. Heat oil and cook onions in it until they get crispy and soft by stirring irregularly.

2. Mix pasta, vegetables, broth, beans and mustard in it. Keep this mixture to boil by stirring irregularly.

3. Take a bowl to prepare dumplings by mixing bisquick, basil, oregano, cornmeal in it until they get moistened. Then drop the dumplings into the boiling stew by tablespoonfuls. Turn down the heat to low and cook it uncovered for about 10 minutes.

4. Now cover it and keep it to cook for 10 minutes more. Now it is ready to serve.

Number of servings – 4