Red Snapper and Dumplings Recipe

jaspreet   July 4, 2009   Comments Off on Red Snapper and Dumplings Recipe

For Dumplings:-
1. Original Bisquick mix (2 3/4c)
2. curry powder (1 1/2tsp)
3. water (1/2c)
4. garlic powder ( 1/2tsp)
5. pepper (1/2tsp)
6. salt (1tsp)
7. vegetable oil ( 2tbsp)

Red snapper:-
1. 1 whole red snapper (1 to 1 1/2 pounds)
2. seasoned salt ( 2tsp)
3. butter or margarine (2tbsp)
4. vegetable oil (3/4c)
5. 1 large tomato chopped (1c)
6. garlic powder (1/2tsp)
7. water (2c)
8. 1 medium bell pepper chopped (1c )
9. 1 medium onion chopped (1/2 c)
10. salt (2tsp)
11. curry powder (1 1/2tsp)
12. ground coriander (1/2tsp)
13. pepper (1/2tsp)
14. ground cumin (1/4tsp)
15. finely chopped garlic (2 cloves)
16. whole allspice (5)
17. dried bay leaves (4)

Method of preparation:-
1. Take a large bowl, mix dumpling ingredients in it except ½ teaspoon of salt and oil. Mix it well to form dough. Place the dough surface dusted with bisquick mix and then knead it for about 10 times. Now roll the kneaded dough and then cut it into rectangular shape.

2. Take large pot of 5 quarters, fill it 2/3rd with water. Keep it to boil, mix remaining salt and 1 tablespoon of oil in it. Put half of the rectangles in boiling water. Add 1 to 2 at a time and mix it slowly to keep them separate. Keep it to boil uncovered for about 20 minutes. Take out the dumplings with slotted spoon and mix them with half of the remaining oil. Use plastic wrap to cover the dumplings and keep them aside.

3. Now take fish, wash it and then pat dry it with with the help of paper towel. Mix garlic powder, seasoned salt together and then rub it on the inside and surface of fish. Now heat oil over medium-high heat in a heavy frying pan of about 12-to 14-inch. For 8 minutes,cooked it in oil, then only for one time turn it, till it is easily sliced with fork. When fish become medium dark brown on both sides, remove it and drain oil from frying pan.

4. Now over high heat, same frying pan is heated, then fish is placed in it. Add all remaining ingredients when fish begins to sizzle. Heat to boiling, stirring occasionally, spoon the mixture over it. Then heat is reduced to low level. For 35 minutes cover and simmer it; occasionally spoon sauce over fish. Heat it to boiling and then reduce over low heat. For 15 minutes cover and simmer it. At last bay leaves are removed.