Homemade Dumplings Recipe

jaspreet   July 2, 2009   Comments Off on Homemade Dumplings Recipe

1. Milk (3/4c)
2. shortening (3tbsp)
3. salt (1/2tsp)
4. baking powder (2tsp)
5. parsley flakes (1tbsp if desired)
6. Gold Medal all ½ purpose flour (1c)

Method of preparation:-
1. Take a bowl of medium size, mix, flour, baking powder, salt and parsley in it.

2. Cut it in shortening with pastry blender into fine crumbs and then mix milk in it. Mix it properly to form soft dough. Then drop the dough by 10 tablespoonfuls into the vegetable or hot meat boiling stew.

3. Keep it to cook uncovered for about 10 minutes and then cover the pan and keep it to cook for 10 minutes more.

Makes – 10 dumplings