Cranberry Apple Dumplings With Crimson Sauce Recipe

jaspreet   July 2, 2009   Comments Off on Cranberry Apple Dumplings With Crimson Sauce Recipe

For sauce:-
1. Red cinnamon candies (2tbsp)
2. orange juice or water (1/4c)
3. whole berry cranberry sauce (1can about 16 ounces)

For pastry:-
1. Gold Medal®all purpose flour (3c)
2. shortening (1c+1tbsp)
3. cold water (6 to 7tbsp)
4. salt (3/4tsp)

For apples:-
1. Cooking apples, peeled and cored (4small)
2. slightly beaten egg (1)
3. sugar (4tsp)
4. fresh mint leaves (if desired)
5. Additional sugar (if desired).

Method of preparation:-
1. First heat the oven to 400 degrees F. Take a large cookie sheet with shortening. Take a saucepan of 1 quarter, place it over medium heat. Cook candies, orange juice and cranberry sauce in it by stirring it irregularly until the candies get melted. Then take off the pan from heat.

2. Take a bowl of medium size; cut shortening by using pastry blender into flour and salt. Dust 1 tablespoon (at a time) of cold water; mix it until the flour gets moistened. Then roll the pastry into rectangular shape and cut them into 8-inch squares with knife.

3. Now take apples and place them on each pastry square and then place the cranberry sauce of 1 tablespoon on each apple. Dust 1 teaspoon of sugar on it. Join the opposites corner of pastry up over apple and seal them. Seal all the edges of pastry. Now place the dumplings in pan, apply the beaten egg over the dumplings and then dust the additional sugar over it.

4. Place the pan in preheated oven of 400 degrees F and bake them for about 30 minutes until the apple gets soft and the crust changes to golden brown. Decorate each dumpling with mint leaves and then serve them hot with left over sauce mixture.

Number of servings – 4